Restaurant in DC For Asian food, Thai, Sushi & Chinese

Our restaurant in DC for Asian food, fresh Thai food, Sushi & Chinese food is a fusion family of chefs specializing taste & freshness. Bring your friends, family or coworkers to our restaurant in DC and see what taste is all about.

Welcome to Bambu DC!

Welcome to Our Asian Cuisine Restaurant
We are a fusion family of chefs specializing in 3 distinct cuisines: Thai, Japanese, & Chinese. All dishes are cooked or hand-crafted to order. Friendly competition between the 3 groups allows Bambu to bring the best of a a wide range of Asian flavors to the Metropolitan DC area.


-Suchen & Robert

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The Story of Frybrid

Dirk was a customer first and simply came up to us after eating dinner and asked us how we handle our fryer oil and his story about his car went from there.
Check out his story in this video!